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Since 1993, QJZ Bearings 2000 Sales Co. has been a leader in offering the best quality aftermarket bearing parts available anywhere. With over 5,000 products housed in our warehouse, we always have what you need. A company with a vision of providing only the best products and service, QJZ Bearings 2000 Sales Co. strives to make every customer happy.  Whether a small business, large corporation, or an individual looking for a single part, we always guarantee customer satisfaction.

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What are bearings?

If you find something that twists, turns, or moves, it probably has a bearing.

Bearings are mechanical components that are designed and engineered to make machines move very fast and withstand immense loads efficiently and easily.

What kind of bearings are there?

There are many types of bearings, each one used for specific situations. To find the one you are looking for easier, we have broken them down into different categories with common applications. For a specific and detailed breakdown of each category, just click on the category you would like.